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10 Things that adult should learn from children

When people grown up and become adult, at that time they think that they are now matured and always do right things. Wait…….and think for a minute… Is it true????????? No not at all, they even don’t know that they are living their life like a machine rather than enjoying their own life of a human being. After crossing the teenage we loses many things in our life which really give us the real meaning of life, but the same don’t happens with a child. Childrens live their life in real way and they also teaches us many aspects of life. Few things that we should must learn from child for having a better life is presented here:

1. Ready to accept MISTAKES

When kids does any mistake then they always accept that mistake. But do we do ????? No, we instead of accepting our mistakes we starts to blame other for the same. Wouldn’t it be great, if, we also feel guilty for our mistake and accept that without blaming others???????????


All of us have heard that an ant falls many time while climbing a wall and every time he again tries to get up and again starts climbing. Same pattern is observed by a children while playing or doing any work, they fall endless time but all they do is get up again, again and again. the same determination should be hold on by adults for the rest of their life. We will definitely fall and also we will fail, but we shouldn’t give up on ourselves. But are we ready to accept this????

3.No need of Medicine because- LAUGHTER is the best Medicine

According to researches an aduItlaughs on an average 5 times a day while a child on an average of 300 times a day. Almost all of us know that LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE even though we hesitate to laugh at public places because we think that it would might damage our status. Children finds joy even when they go for shopping and laughs at very silly things without thinking about anything. All adults should also follow this nature of a child and I bet you that you will definitely reduce your medical bills. Even though we don’t understand this… why????????????

4. Curious to even LITTLE things

It’s surprising that how kids can find interest in the smallest thing which adults even don’t notice. They can pass their whole day staring at a leaf or by thinking what is there up in the sky. Anything and everything can make them curious. If adults also starts getting curious about even a small point then no one can stop them to fly high in the sky. STOP blaming children’s and starts renewing yourself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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5. Fair in Judgement

Civil Judgement can be unfair but when a kid judge someone or something it can never be an unfair judgement. They don’t judge unfair because they are not racist, sexist, prejudiced, opinionated or sort of anything like these. If they like you then they will express their feeling of love and if they don’t like you they they will openly tell straight to you that you are not a good person without any hesitation. Should we not be like these kids????????? Obviously we should!!

6. Heartily Apologize

Kids are very sensitive at heart any they quickly understand that they are wrong, if done something wrong. In no time their eye becomes teary and without thinking a minute they utter ‘sorry’. But what about us???????? Sometime we take whole life to apologize for the mistake we have done. If you have to apologize someone then don’t wait even a sec.. Hurry it could remake your relation stronger than before……

7. HAPPY without any Reason

We have often seen smiling a kid for no reason. They laugh even when you carry them or when you kiss them. But about adults???? They often think that if they will laugh with no reason then maybe they could be called a mad person. Why to hesitate in expressing your feeling??? Think once.

8. CRYING is just Fine

Its very difficult to vent our emotions openly. As we grow up, we feel scared to cry or express things and feelings that really hurt us. Kids are just opposite, they are out there with their emotions. They don’t cry or express themselves according to the surrounding, they just let you know when they are low or when you are hurting them. Everybody should do the same because keeping emotions inside our heart is the root of many disease and it can also make you depressed.

9.NO matter what Others thinks

As an adult, every aduItthinks that, what other will think about them if they do something, and in this way they even don’t do what they like. Kids don’t even consider other’s thinking while they are doing something what they really love to do. They make fun of themselves in front of everyone while singing their favorite song.

10. Scars and Fears can’t stop them

While playing, a kid often injures themselves and get some scars, they only takes a break instead of quitting the game. Also when they hear any haunted story or something scary, they definitely get scared but even then they wishes to hear same kind of stories. AduIt should also do the same thing.



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