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Buying a Smartphone -10 things you should consider before buying a smartphone.

10 things to consider before buying smartphone

In this competitive world, new technologies are invented every day and new smartphones are manufactured every month or so with these new features, so how do we know which smartphone is meant for us. Well here are 10 things one should keep in mind before buying a smartphone.
This list is not given in order, and you can change the preference according to your needs and experience with your previous smartphones. just remember the issues you had with your previous smartphone and place it in your own preference order. And as per concern, you should compare smartphone before buying.


  2. smartphone storage

    Storage is a really important aspect in choosing a smartphone. There is a range of variety of apps out there, not only in the market but some unpublished apk(s) also. So you definitely need a good internal storage, personally 32gb internal storage is decent (provided there is a micro sd card tray). If you are into apple phones, don’t go for phones below at least 32 GB, 64 GB and higher is recommended. Again it depends on how do you use your phone. And how much memory do you require, take hints from your prev phone’s memory? Also the RAM, for better management of opened apps and smooth running of all the apps and fluidity of the smartphone. At least a 3gb RAM is necessary for a smartphone.


  4. smartphone_buy_flipkart
    Smartphone audio

    This may not seem important to some people but it is indeed. Imagine you have your phone in one room and you are sitting in the other, your phone rings and you are unable to hear it, uh!!! How annoying, both for you and the caller. Imagine other situation in which you are hearing an audio, or showing some audio to your friends in a noisy place like by the road, in the bus stop etc., imagine your phone being switched by other cause your loudness was too low, how embarrassing. You won’t be able to hear even you Google Assistant properly. This was talking about the speaker. Speaking of earphones, if you are a music lover you definitely need a phone with good audio output quality by earphone, or perhaps a noise cancellation support.


  6. smartphone security

    Nowadays almost all phones come with a fingerprint sensor, even phones of around 5k, but there are other features in the market too like iris scanner, face id as some smartphones call it. These features are available on every smartphone. Therefore this point must also be taken into account. Also, keep track of extra features you mobile offers you, gestures and stuff.


  8. smartphone battery

    Ah!! Here I am. Now the thing about battery life is that you might not expect the good result on paper, but in practicality, on usage, the battery life might even be better than some high battery devices(Honor 7x). On the contrary, some high battery devices might perform very poor according to its amount of battery. So it is highly recommended to see a review of that phone on youtube or at least check the screen on time and other battery drain issues on the net. Again, heating and other battery drain issues must also be taken into account. Also, fast charging support and type of charger you get in the box may also be the deciding factor. As mentioned earlier there are tons of smartphone in the market, so even little issues may cause to you reject a particular smartphone.

  9. CAMERA-

  10. smartphone camera

    Nowadays all smartphone comes with a decent camera, but a really good camera is important to many people, again paperwork cannot determine the quality of the camera. You need to know its performance in low light conditions artificial lighting conditions, the control on the camera which the smartphone gives to you. Soo you need to see camera reviews again and check out some sample shots. For some, it might be the killing factor for some it might not.


  12. A good processor is again a vital component of a smartphone, you don’t want your smartphone to hang very often, if you open too many apps or if your memory is almost full. Also, you don’t want your processor to use up your battery leaving no point in having a big battery device. So a battery efficient, performance efficient and recent processor is important in the smartphone. The processor depends upon the phone as well. If your phone is a low memory lower version of an OS phone, a high-performance processor chipset has no point in your phone anyways your phone is created for moderate use, and an average chipset will do the job.


  14. It is a vital aspect of a smartphone, how your smartphones manage the available space kills running apps which were opened way back, and other ram diving and managing stuff.

  15. DISPLAY-

  16. Size and resolution of the display also matter a lot. Usually, a 5.5-inch display of 6 inches is considered a decent display, anything above 6 inches is hefty and difficult to use carry. Also, recent phones have the bezel-less display with an aspect ratio of 18:9. So if you are looking for a modern looking phone go for this ratio. IPS LCD panel with full HD or QHD display is generally considered good and is present in almost all mid-range phones. If you watch lots of movies on your phone or want a brilliant display you should opt for phones having super AMOLED or optical AMOLED display. Almost all high-end phones and flagships have this kind of display, in a mid-range phone, Lenovo p2 has a super AMOLED display.


  18. smartphone headphone jack

    Personally speaking, this is a basic necessity of all phones. Isn’t it really annoying to carry a type c to headphone jack connector with the headphone? Also if you don’t have Bluetooth earphones you need to spend extra bucks for buying them because let’s be honest we all face situations where we charge our phone and use our earphone simultaneously. Consider on planes, where you cannot use Bluetooth. But again the choice is yours.


  20. Build quality determines how does your smartphone feel in your hand, how does your phone look. It is also about the durability of your phone. Some phones also come with a glass coating on the back. No wonder it feels premium. But if you are prone to dropping your smartphone, it is advisable to go for a metal or plastic, non-slippery smartphone.


  • Update frequency- This depends on the brand of your smartphone. Whether frequent updates will be given to you. Also, consider the frequency of OS updates.
  • Customer care- You need the customer care of your handset to be in your close proximity. You wouldn’t want to travel far and waste your valuable time only to repair your smartphone.
  • OS- The OS which your handset uses and the skin or GUI it uses above the base OS is also important.
  • Heating issues- Whether your phone heats too much or not.
  • Durability- Is your phone susceptible to breakage just after a low fall. Is it too delicate and will develop scratches. The quality of screen protection provided. does tempered glass fit on it properly?
  • In the box contents- What accessories does your smartphone provide you, like- Is there an earphone? how is its quality? If its bad, are you willing to spend extra on earphone after already showering on your phone? Do you get fast charger adapter? Screen guard and back cover?

Repeating again this list is not in priority order, because, the priority of features varies from person to person. Some people wouldn’t sacrifice camera for battery, others could cut short a little battery for a better camera. So jot down your priority list, look at the mobile reviews, and select your phone compromising on lesser priority things for more priority features. No phone is perfect and you need to sacrifice somewhere.



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