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10 Ways To Develop Confidence of Speaking

Develop Confidence of Speaking

Not everybody can stand in front of many people and speak. Others tremble and have a shaky tone and shaky hands because of nervousness. This is normal especially if you are not used to it or if it is your first time. Stage freight will be experienced by everybody who is a first-timer in delivering a speech. No one has become a good speaker without experiencing nervousness in their first speech. Even good speakers were once struggling in developing their confidence in speaking. This is because they think that people will give negative comments on them. They are also occupied with what others would think of them. Others also worry they might forget their lines. As a speaker, your worry would also be the audience these things are just factors why you don’t have the confidence of speaking.

1. Look at yourself in the mirror

When you see yourself speaking, you can tell if there is something that needs to improve. Practice your lines by looking at the mirror. By this, you can see the best facial expression for every statement. Further, you will see if you have improved or not.

2. Rehearse more

This is the best way to develop your confidence because if you know that you have mastered your lines then you will be confident that you will not forget it. As what we always hear, constant practice makes it perfect. So, practice more and master your lines thoroughly.

3. Record your rehearsal

You have to record your rehearsal so that you can hear yourself if there are mispronounced words. It would be shameful on your part if people will laugh at you because of those. Recording also helps you to recognize the part where you have to increase the volume of your voice to emphasize on something.

4. Let others watch you when you rehearse

It is important to let others watch you when you deliver your speech. They may have comments and suggestions about the way you deliver it. Listen to what others have to say, it may develop your confidence and the way you deliver your speech as well. Don’t be offended if they see negative aspects on how you deliver your message; take it constructively to improve your delivery. Even those who are already known good speakers can still get negative comments from the audience because no matter how better you are, you can never please everybody.

5. Believe in yourself

If you don’t believe in yourself, who else? It is you who must be the first one to believe in you. If you always believe that you can’t do it, you can never do it. It is what you believe in that matters, not what others believe about you because you are the one who knows yourself well, not them. Just remember that you are not alone who has no confidence in speaking, some of the audience is also like you who have no confidence in speaking. Erase the negative thinking about yourself and stand straight on the stage.

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6. Practice your body language

Your body is a very valuable factor to deliver your message clearly. There are audiences who observe the speaker’s body language as a basis for listening because it can get their attention. Body language can also motivate the audience to listen to you because it shows how genuine you are. Your body language that you have to work out is the eye contact and your gestures as well. Your body could also help you in conveying the message so that the audience will understand it well.

7. Modulate your voice

What you heard from the recorder can help you identify the parts where you must have modulated voice. Your voices can also a factor why the audience listen to what you have to say because it can catch their attention. If you make your voice alive, your audience will not feel sleepy because of your modulated voice and therefore they won’t get tired of listening to you.

8. Listen to your favourite music

Listening to your favourite music can make you relaxed. If you are relaxed in delivering your message, you will confidently utter your message without buffering. It is also unlikely to forget your message if you are relaxed. Listen to mellow music for you to feel at peace.

9. Prepare a joke

When you say a joke at the audience and they laugh with your joke, you will feel comfortable at the stage. In this way, you can deliver your message confidently. A joke can also get the attention of the listeners. Having a listening audience could motivate you to deliver your message well, because they are listening attentively. Also, if the audience has laughed at your jokes, it can set the environment as enjoyable.

10. Take a deep breath

Inhale and exhale exercise is another relaxation activity. It can help you to lessen the fast beat of your heart.

Speaking in front of a crowd is a good skill. It will boost your confidence as well as your articulation. If you develop the skill in engaging with a crowd, it is easy for you to talk. Consequently, if you are recognized as a good speaker, you will be invited for many talks which mean you can earn from it.



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