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10 Ways You Should Kept Your Marriage Interesting (and Healthy) After 20 Years

Everyone dreams of a happily ever after – to have someone we can be with no matter what happens. To have someone we can lean on if things are not going on the right track. If we already found that someone, we are willing to be with them for a lifetime, to settle down and to have kids. But it’s not easy to keep a relationship. There are a lot of struggles that would come along the way to test how strong the relationship is. Your grandpa and grandma who have overcome all the challenges is a proof of a true love. However, come to think of it, what if you have the same food in the morning until evening and until tomorrow and until a week, will you not be fed up? It is also like seeing the face of your partner not just from morning to evening, but for a week, for a month, for a year, for twenty years and even for a lifetime. Will you not be fed up? But how these people not getting fed up for twenty years is awesome. You will wonder, how?

1. Make each other laugh

It is not just making your partner smile but making them laugh is one of the key to a healthy relationship. If you can make your partner laugh, it creates a sense of bond which your partner will miss if you are gone for a day. Your partner will be excited to see you every day because both of can make each other happy.

2. Travel together

Even if you already have kids, or your kids are already professionals, you should still spend time with only the two of you. Travelling is not just for young ones, but also for older ones. It gives you a sense of belongingness to nature.

3. Allocate time for intimate moments

Couples can build stronger foundation of their relationship if they still do what couples usually do. It is a requirement in a relationship – to let your partner feel that you love them and that you appreciate them. Lovemaking can allow couple to express their love for each other. If your partner in this age is already have an illness like erectile dysfunction, you can still have intimacy like hugging, kissing and touching each other.

4. Surprise your partner

A surprise can add spice to a relationship. It makes your partner feel that you really care for them. The attention you give to your partner can never be replaced by anything.

5. Dedicate a quote to your partner every day

Giving a quote to your partner is just a way of being romantic. Romance can make the relationship nurtured. Your romantic actions must not stop in courting. It should be every day to let your partner the warmth of your love.

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6. Be each other’s best friend

Who can be there for your partner if not you? Everybody needs a friend. Couple should be each other’s confidant. You don’t like it if your partner has secrets and you don’t even know. You don’t like it if your partner has struggles at work but you don’t even know. So, let your partner feel that you are always there for them no matter what happens. Even if you can’t be able to help them with their problems, their feelings would subside knowing that there is someone who wants to listen.

7. Annoy each other

To add life to your relationship, you must annoy each other sometimes. Annoy each other but make it sure that it is not that much to make them angry. But just enough to make them disturbed. It just shows that your attention is into your partner and that you also want to get their attention.

8. Give their favorites

Giving your partner their favorites is one way of showing your affection. It means that you are thinking of them. It makes your partner feel that their favorites are important to you no matter how expensive it is.

9. Talk daily

Don’t let the day pass without talking to your partner. If your partner has business travels, you must call them to check on them and ask how their day is. This shows that you care for your partner and that you are thinking of them for the whole day. Talking to your partner daily just let them feel that you are still interested with them and they’re important to you.

10. Give each other space

Giving space to your partner doesn’t mean that you are already fed up on them that’s why you want them to be away for a while. But giving each other space just indicates that you want them to enjoy things on their own way. Because even if you are couple, both of you has different needs and ways. Let your partner have time with their friends.

Reaching twenty years in marriage is not that hard to achieve. But maintaining an interesting and healthy relationship needs to be worked out. Marriage is not a one-man effort, but it takes both partners to make an effort to have a long-lasting relationship. Healthy relationship doesn’t mean an all-smiles relationship but it means understanding each other’s side and accepting each other’s positive and negative side.

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