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6 Things you should never say to your boss

Joining your boss in a business deal or getting along with your boss is great. Although it’s awesome when your boss cares for you, but also what if you say something that you should never say to your boss. Knowing how to speak to your boss will decide that whether you will enjoy ahead your job or not.

Even if you are too close to your boss and also if  you both hangout apart from professional works, lastly at end of your day you should remember that your buddy is still your superior. However apart from profanity and insult here are some words and phrases which you should probably not utter infront of your boss.

1. “I Don’t Know”

Don’t ever say your boss straightly that “I don’t know”. When your boss asks you something then it means that he don’t know about that thing. If he especially asks you that means he thinks that you are capable of answering that. Although, even if you don’t know the answer tell him “I don’t know but i will figure it out soon” and stick to follow your promise.

2. Why does other get to do the more important and exciting project? Why don’t I?

If you’re saying this to your boss, you’re questioning his judgement. In this case you can also be fired. You should approach it in a positive manner, then there can be a chance of getting inside your desired project. You can ask him “I would love to have a chance to work on the project. What I can do from my side to allow you to consider me for this brilliant project” or likewise.

3. “You are Wrong”

Even by mistake, you should not say this to your boss. Because you will be insulting him by saying this. Especially when you know that someone is wrong, you instantly say them that “you are wrong”. But even  if your boss will be actually wrong tell him about that in a positive way like “May be I was not able to get this one, but i was under the impression that…..”

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4. “That’s above my Pay Grade”

It is often when manager or project leader asks you to do some stuffs which is beyond your pay grade. Never say that it’s not my duty or it’s beyond my Pay Grade, it’s an opportunity for you to show your skills which will help you especially in getting promotion easily. Instead you can say “It’s a great opportunity for me to make my skills broader.”

5. “I am not good at this. I can’t do this.”

You may think that you are being honest, but it’s sounds like you are a person who don’t want to learn and grow. Just because of one phrase you can be in a trouble. Therefore never say this to your boss. But you can express yourself in a descent manner by saying “I will love to grow in this area. Can you suggest me how to build up myself?” in a polite tone. Always remember that a “can-do” attitude is always valued.

6. “I heard something else about this…..”

It’s a good idea to avoid gossips and conjectures because it can also backfire. If you are making any decisions or doing anything based on gossips, then it will look like you are  not professional. And if you are not professional then your need will become less than others.



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