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Most haunted places in India to visit

Haunted doesn’t mean ghost or evil only it is a feeling which makes you totally scared. Many people don’t believe in ghosts but even they get scared at some places. India which is also known as Incredible India, is full of this types of places where you can get to know the meaning of fear. It can take more than a month if you visit all of it; even some places are banned to visit at night. We have come up with some of those interesting best haunted places in INDIA to visit.

1. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

In the deserts of rajasthan a place, Bhangarh, in district Alwar, is supposed to be the most haunted place in India. There are many stories about this fort but the most famous among them is the story of princess of Bhangaur Princess Ratnavati. This story claims that a local black magician felt in love with the princess, and once he cast a spell on a cosmetic she was about to use, so that she can also fall in love with him, but anyhow princess learned of his plan, and that black magician was sentenced to death. During his last words the magician cursed that fort and the curse was that no soul could ever leave that palace and will not live in peace. A board by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is there which says “Staying after sunset is strictly prohibited in this area”. If you ever visits here BE SAFE.

2. Agrasen Ki Baoli, Delhi

Delhi is the capital of our nation, India, but there are many mysteries hidden in soil of our nation’s capital. One of the ancient single-flight step wells which were used for water temples containing 103 steps made of red stone is none other than Agrasen Ki Baoli. A scene in a blockbuster Bollywood movie “PK” was taken from there itself. This place is in the heart of Delhi located at Hailey road near Connaught Place. This monument is now protected by ASI.
This place is famous for the belief that someone or something follows you if you walk by it, and whose intensity increases as you increase your speed. Some rumours are also for this place that, earlier this place was filled with some kind of black water, which have some weird type magnetic property. If someone who is depressed or disheartened often gets attracted with that BLACK WATER, which allures them to jump in the water. Nowadays that black water has dried up and you can see the bed of the reservoir.

3. GP Block-Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

On your top list, don’t forget to put this place. Although this place in Uttar Pradesh is quite popular zone and contains good population, strange paranormal activities were reported. This haunted place came into light when few local people who passes by there observed that four boys sitting together in a house and, enjoying any alcoholic beverage by the light of a single candle. Earlier everybody thought that they are just four friends, who were enjoying, but soon it established that it was indeed four ghosts. Soon this place became catchy for his paranormal activities and people started taking interest in it. Apart from this story, some people also claims that they have seen a beautiful young girl coming out from that house, wearing a red dress. Yet still it is unknown that who these guys actually are.

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4. Delhi Cantt, Delhi

If we talk about pollution in India, first city that comes in mind is Delhi where pollution meter breaks at morning time. In such a polluted city there are only few places where you can expect to get fresh air, one of them is the Cantonment area, but this fresh environment can hold your breath when you get to know that this is a one of the most famous haunted places in India. Scene here is quite similar to as we used to hear in stories. People claims that they have seen a woman in white dress along roadside, who asks for a lift and starts following, soon she comes in front of vehicle. Mostly waves lonely passengers to stop. Rumors say that she might be a hitchhiker when she was alive.

5. Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune

India is famous for its architectural brilliance work, one of the brilliant example that could be given is Shaniwarwada Fort located in Pune. Even Pune is also famous for its tourist attraction and is among one of the best tourist place in India, but as told that with every good thing there is a bad side. Mystery holds the hand of this fort, as told by old peoples, there is a soul of a young boy inside this fort, who cries for help saying “Kaka Mala Vachwa” which means “Uncle save me”.
It is believed that the sound is of a young prince who was brutally killed inside that fort and the power of this paranormal activity is most powerful on Full Moon night. Literally this place is the scariest place in Pune.

6. Dumas Beach – Surat, Gujarat

India is surrounded by oceans from its three sides; Gujarat also enjoys the pleasure of ocean. Surat, the economical capital, is a port city having beaches; one of them is Dumas Beach. This beach is famous for its mystical stories and black sand. Facts tells that this was a place where Hindus were used to burn dead bodies, as done in Hindu religion. People who visits here often hears a very strange scraping sound of whispering which can make feel scared for sure. It is believed that soul of dead people who didn’t get peace is still there in air. Many incident of tourist missing are also reported, so we suggest to not visiting that place at night.



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