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10 highly educated Indian Cricketers

educated indian cricketers

Cricket is the most famous game in the world and more of this game is famous in India. Even-though not being national game, even a kid in India can tell you a lot about cricket. India has given many legend cricketers to this world. But do we know about their qualification?? So, we have gathered information on educational qualifications of …

Top 10 Indian Hackers

top 10 Indian hackers

Internet is like our daily food that we intake, same like food we are connected to internet. Everyone use internet almost daily and also as a fact there is a lot of things to do there! We also share many data on internet but we should know that those data could be stolen. Many people by the help of coding …

Top 10 Cities in India

1. New Delhi, Delhi New Delhi is the national capital of India. Political behavior are schedule for the local people. For this, growth of the city has been on the quick track due to hard working people and helpful plan. New Delhi provides the finest transportation ability such as metro rail and bus transportation. 2. Mumbai, Maharashtra Mumbai is the financial …

Amazing Facts about Bihar – India

अगर आप इसी *बिहार* के रहने वाले हैं ! तो क्यूँ न करे खुद के *बिहारी* होने पर गर्व ! जय मातृभूमि , जय *बिहार* !!

Super 30 by Anand Kumar – Patna, Bihar

Anand Kumar is an Indian mathematician, he is also a columnist  in various international magazines. Anand Kumar is very popular now days due to his Super 30 program. Anand Kumar was born in a poor family in Bihar. His father was a clerk in a government office. He could not give education in good schools to his children. So Anand Kumar …

Most haunted places in India to visit

Haunted doesn’t mean ghost or evil only it is a feeling which makes you totally scared. Many people don’t believe in ghosts but even they get scared at some places. India which is also known as Incredible India, is full of this types of places where you can get to know the meaning of fear. It can take more than …