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The Big Secret of Dealing with People

Have you wondered why there is a person who is a favourite of everybody? This is despite of his appearance whether he or she is beautiful or not, and whether black or white. This is also despite of the person’s highest educational attainment. And it is also despite of the person’s status if he or she is rich or poor. …

10 Things only your Father can do for you

If a mother’s love is unconditional then a father’s love is exceptional. Many of us appreciate our mother for giving love unconditionally but few individuals appreciate father’s love, maybe because most of us are so dependent with our mother compared to our father. Many of us are more comfortable to be with our mother than to be with our father …

10 Ways To Develop Confidence of Speaking

Develop Confidence of Speaking

Not everybody can stand in front of many people and speak. Others tremble and have a shaky tone and shaky hands because of nervousness. This is normal especially if you are not used to it or if it is your first time. Stage freight will be experienced by everybody who is a first-timer in delivering a speech. No one has …

10 soft skills everyone should learn

soft skills

Now it’s a world where life is moving with speed of jet, and for us it’s very important to catch that speed. But can we do that? We all have to face a lot of problems in our daily life, and with that it’s very difficult to be in race of life. So, the question is how to manage all …

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