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Amazing Facts about Bihar – India

अगर आप इसी *बिहार* के रहने वाले हैं ! तो क्यूँ न करे खुद के *बिहारी* होने पर गर्व ! जय मातृभूमि , जय *बिहार* !!

Top 10 tips to live stress free life

Stress leads many problems in our life. Stress affects our personal and professional life. Due to stress in our professional we loose enjoyment in our personal life also. Professional pressure, financial problems, lack of satisfaction in love and family life and weakness or lack of energy in body are the main reasons of stress in our life. TIPS TO LIVE STRESS …

How to Propose a Girl for Marriage

Marriage is a very important event of life. Basically there are two types of marriage one is love marriage and second is arranged marriage. Every boy wants marriage with girl of his choice. When we find a girl friend and we want spend rest of life with her then we should propose her for marriage. But we have a question …