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Terrorist Qualification- 5 highly educated Terrorists

5 Most Dreaded Terrorist’s educational qualifications

Nowadays terrorist attacks are very common, we often get to hear that terrorists have planned a bomb blast or have killed hundreds of people at once. But do we know or even tried to know that how they get to know about bombs, guns, tanks, missiles or any other explosive material in such a detailed way?? Actually, all of them …

5 Most Deadliest Drugs in the world

deadliest drugs in the world

Addiction is fatal and makes your life miserable. But even then a question arises in the mind that, which is the drug in the world whose addiction is worst? Researchers also studied this question a bit and according to them any addiction is judged by many things. For instance, how bad it is, what is the cost of getting it, …

Best places to work outside India

A huge Indian dream of working overseas and earning a little more bids, but among them only few dreams comes true. We can’t just go anywhere and starts working, we have to put some points to consider such as language barrier, visa restrictions, job availability, currency comparision w.r.t. own country and so forth. So choosing the best place is tough …