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10 Things only your Father can do for you

If a mother’s love is unconditional then a father’s love is exceptional. Many of us appreciate our mother for giving love unconditionally but few individuals appreciate father’s love, maybe because most of us are so dependent with our mother compared to our father. Many of us are more comfortable to be with our mother than to be with our father because most fathers are busy working and don’t have more time at home compared to our mother who stayed at home taking care of the children and the house. A father’s love is exceptional because it is rare and it is different from the love of a mother. There are things that only your father can do to you that you will never experience to others.

1. Only Man who loves you unconditionally

Even if a father did not utter the word “I love you, my child” but they are making it sure that they show and let you feel that he really loves you through nonverbal way. Your father and mother are the first people in this world who love you. The father’s love is so unconditional that whatever bad manners you have, your father is the only the man in this world who can accept it. And no matter how stubborn you are, you are still loved.

2. A grown-up model

A father, for every child, is someone strong whom they can depend on. They are the ones who their children look up to. For sons, their father is their standard on how to treat a girl by observing how their father treats their mother. For daughters, their father is the basis in choosing a future partner. The qualities of their father may be the qualities they would look for a guy.

3. A man who can provide your needs

It is not necessary for a father to give expensive things to his family but it is necessary to provide their basic needs like home, foods, education and clothing. There’s no other person who can provide your needs and wants.

4. Spank you when you’re wrong

There are children who are afraid of their father because fathers discipline strictly compared to mothers. He is a person who will spank you if you are stubborn enough to be reprimanded. You may not like it, but it is only for your own good. When your father disciplines you, it means he loves you because he just wants you to be in a right way. Your father might just be afraid that you will have a miserable life if you are undisciplined.

5. The first person who will fight for you

Your father might be harsh sometimes in disciplining you but he will be the first person to fight with you no matter what the situation is. He is the first person that will be hurt if his child goes home crying. Consequently, he is very willing to go to a battle for you in a full gear and even confront someone who bullied you.

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6. The only person who can’t let you out with a mini skirt

We are in a liberated world, but still your father is choosy with your outfit. You can’t wear sexy dresses but you must be happy if your father does this, it just means that he wants you to be respected by men and he just wants to protect you from pervert guys. He knows this because he is also a man.

7. Your perfect fan

You may not know it, but your father has also ambitions for you. If you have a talent, he is willing to support you along the way. You may join a singing contest, and he will be there casting his votes for you. However, even if you have the worst voice, he would still force you to sing at your house during occasions and family gathering because he is your number one fan. Even if you join a dance contest at school, he is there taking pictures of you though he has to compressed himself with the crowd.

8. The first person you can play with

Playing with you is not your mother’s role, but your father’s. Your father is willing to set aside his homework from the office just to play with you. For boys, he is someone who teaches you how to play basketball. He even lets you memorize the players of his favourite basketball team. For girls, he is someone whom they can play their Barbie dolls with even if their Dads sometimes drown their dolls at the pool or even draws something on a doll’s face.

9. Support your corny joke

Whatever you did, your father’s is always ready for you. His mouth is even ready to laugh at your jokes when he needs to. This is despite the fact that you have unfunny jokes.

10. Carry you when you’re tired

A father always wishes the best for their children. When they see their children are struggling, they are always there to give a hand. You might be able to carry your father for one kilometre, but your father is willing to carry you for ten kilometres.

Never underestimate the power of a father whose love is so pure for his children. You can see a lion in him willing to take his prey if you hurt his kids. You can see a superman in him willing to carry a building just for his kids’ welfare. That’s what a father’s love, willing to do everything for his children even if it costs his life.

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