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Fortune of Moles on different Body Parts

moles on body part

Well, without any hard work, there is no happiness in life, but there is something that they call luck. And our signs of being lucky is also given by mole found on our different body parts. Now, they are either born or come out during lifetime, and according to the scriptures, they show a lot about our future and character. So let us tell you about the sesame found on the body, which are symbols of wealth and prosperity. Their meanness is clear that you will never lose money.

1. Mole on the back

The mole on the back is also indicative of being rich with the person being romantic. Such people earn a lot and also spend. These people also enjoys a life full of love.

2. Mole on the navel

By the way, the mole on the stomach is not considered auspicious. It is considered an indicator of a person’s misfortune, but when the mole is near the navel, then this wealth is indicative of the achievement of prosperity.

3. Mole under the navel

The person whose mole is slightly below the navel, never lacks wealth.

4. Mole on toe

It is auspicious to be mole on the toe, it means that you will be a respected and prosperous person in society.

5. Mole in the middle of the eyebrows

In the middle of the eyebrow, the presence of mole in the middle of the empty space is considered very auspicious. Apart from marriage, this is also considered good for Money and Food.

6. Mole on the index finger

The person whose index finger have mole on it, is rich. Although the trouble remains with the enemies.

7. Mole on the right side of the nose

Those who have mole on the right side of their nose, they get the benefit of money only in less effort. Such people are lucky. But only few people get this type of luck.

8. Mole on the chin

The person whose mole is on the chin also does not have any lack of wealth, because their income is always maintained.

9. Mole on the little finger

The person is wealthier when the little finger means the mole on the junior, but the problem remains unsettling throughout life.

10. Mole in the middle of the ring finger

In the middle of the ring finger, the mole makes the person rich and successful. But it is not so easy to become rich, you have to work hard.



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