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How to Propose a Girl for Marriage

Marriage is a very important event of life. Basically there are two types of marriage one is love marriage and second is arranged marriage. Every boy wants marriage with girl of his choice. When we find a girl friend and we want spend rest of life with her then we should propose her for marriage. But we have a question in our mind How to propose a girl for marriage  and this question almost worries all of us.

So here are few tips that can help us :-

Prepared for marriage

We should propose our girlfriend for marriage only when we are ready for marriage. If we are not ready for marriage due to any reason like professional issues or family issues we should not propose our girlfriend for marriage.

Same like that we should also read our girlfriend’s circumstance that she is looking for marriage or she would like wait some more time. If it feels like that she is also looking for someone we can propose her or not.

Traditional proposal

Tradition proposal is very useful and result oriented. This proposals are mainly useful in traditional countries like India, Gulf and traditional society. In this method we can send proposal to girl family by the help of our parents, relatives, siblings or friends.

Choose her favorite place

Place and atmosphere of the place is very important when we propose a girl for marriage. We should choose girl’s favorite place for proposal. As per some surveyed maximum girl want to be proposed in a romantic and peaceful place.

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Surprise and gift

We should give her some gifts. We should prove that we are right person for marriage. More than 90% cases boy propose girl directly and girl say “I donot want to marriage right now”

Take help of Memories

We could propose our love in our home also. We should choose best room of our home and we should put photos of our memories. Try to decorate that room very well . We should use balloons and cover on the walls.

Ask Her About Engagement Ring

Engagement is very emotional moment of life. Every girl has some dream about her engagement. Engagement rings are also very important for girl. We can ask girl about her dream that is a engagement ring. This is also a good way to propose a girl.

There are lots of things that we can use when we propose a girl for marriage. But these are main and very important thing that could make girl feel that we are right person for her. She can spend her life with us. She should also feel that we will give her full respect and love in her life. She should also feel that her life will financially and socially secured after this marriage.



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