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How to Reduce Your Meeting Time by 75-80 Percent

Meeting is very important part of business. Meetings and discussions always open new ways. We make strategies and plan by meetings. You can also understand problem of your employees and their requirements.
Due to lots of importance of meetings companies have to spend lots of money and time in meetings. If companies can use this fund and time in advertisement and business promotion then companies can earn more profit in the market.
Now there is a question that How to Reduce Your Meeting Time By 75-80 Percent. By proper planning and technical supports you can reduce your meeting time by 75-80 percent.

There are some method those can help you, and you can reduce your meeting time by 75-80 percent

Video conference

You can schedule your meetings on Video conference. That is the best way for saving your money and time. If you will schedule your some meetings on video conference you can save your lots of expense like expense of hotel, expense of travel etc. Same like that you can save time on it. You have to spend some money on set up of video conference but this will be one time investment only.

Online survey

Online survey are also very powerful tool which reduce your meeting time. Sometime companies wish to know views of employees on few particular points /issues and companies have to invite big meeting for that. You can create online survey and you can know views of your employees. In this way you can save lots of time.

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Point to Point discussion

You should do proper homework before meeting. You should have a list of points those you want discuss in meeting. Some time meetings lose the direction.

Avoid arguments

Sometimes unnecessary arguments starts in the meeting. These arguments kills lots of time. You should discuss in the meetings and you should avoid argument in this way you can also reduce your meeting times.


You should invite only eligible people for the meeting. So you should work out that which person is eligible for the discussion on particular point? If you will invite unnecessary people you will have to spend lots of time in meeting.

Documentation and concentration

You should distribute same document to all members. All members should have proper attention in meeting.


Leadership is also a very important part of the meeting. If Leadership will not be in right hand everybody will interrupt meeting again and again. Your lots of time will kill during the meeting.
So if you will do proper homework on your meeting and keep few points in your mind you can to Reduce Your Meeting Time by 75-80 Percent



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