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Importance of Happiness 😊

If you are a teacher and you are entering in the classroom with a smile, then all the faces of children will smile.

If you are a doctor and you are treating patient with a smile, then the patient’s confidence will get double.

If you are a house-wife and you are doing all household work with smile, then see the family will be a happy family.

If you are the head of the family and you are entering home in evening with smile on your face, then see, the family will be a happy family.

If you are a businessman, chairman or manager and you are entering in the company with a smile, then see the pressure which is in mind of all employees will decrease and the company atmosphere will become pleasant.

If you are a shopkeeper and you are entertaining your buyer with a smiling face, then customer will become so happy and will buy the items from your shop only in future.

Once you walk on the road, smile at unaware person, you will see smile on his face also.

Smile, 😊 “Because the smile does not take money, it’s the hallmark of happiness and prosperity.”

Smile, 😊 “Because your smile will make other faces happy.”

Smile, 😊 “Because this life will not come again.”

Smile, 😊 “Because the blessings given in anger feels bad to other and the anger words with smiling faces are good to hear.”

Smile, 😊 “Because every person in the world likes flowers and blossoms.”

Smile, 😊 “Because your laughter can cause someone’s happiness.”

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Smile, 😊 “Because the relationships in the family can last as long as we keep on smiling at each other”

And the biggest thing

Smile, 😊 “Because it is the identity of being a human. An animal can never smile. ”

So smile and put smile on the other faces also,

This is life.
Happiness is life..



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