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How to make people like you instantly – 11 things to Know

Dealing with people is one of the easiest things for you if you know how to deal with people. Why do we have to make people like us instantly? That is a skill you can use in your business. Many businessmen make their business a success because they know how to make people like them instantly. Not just in business, but also in socializing with others. It is important to make people like you instantly to make new friends. Not just that, you can use these techniques in your classroom if you are a teacher. Students like to listen to you attentively if they like you. One more thing, if you can make people like you instantly, it’s easy to get along well.

1. Crack a joke

A joke can make people laugh. If you make people laugh, they will enjoy your company and would like to be with you always. A person who has a sense of humor can lighten up someone’s mood. People would feel at ease to you because you have a fun personality. It ensures people that they will not get bored if they’re with you. If you are a joker, anyone who is lonely will consider you as their companion to cheer them up. Whatever the kind of a person is, they always like someone who cracks jokes.

2. Compliment them

Try to look at them and find what makes them beautiful or handsome. Since most people are really self-consumed, people would appreciate it if you notice something in them – it could be their eyes, hair, attitude or even their outfit. Giving people compliments would also let them remember you thinking that there is someone who appreciates them.

3. Listen attentively

If you listen when someone is talking, it indicates that you like them. It also shows that you respect the other person. Since time is gold, giving time to someone is like giving them a gold. The attention you give to someone when you are listening is so precious for them because not everyone would always do that.

4. Make eye contact

Looking at someone’s eyes when they are talking means you are really interested to what they have to say. This also makes the other people feel that you are genuine because making eye contact could let the person tell that you are real.

5. Remember their names

People love it to be called by their names, especially by their first name. When you can remember other’s name means you pay attention to them when you’re introduced to each other. However, consider people’s personality, some don’t like to be addressed by their first name whom not in the same profession, not on the same age, or not in the same status.

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6. Ask how they want to be addressed

Calling their first names might be awkward for other people especially those in a high rank position. It is important to ask how they want to be addressed to avoid misunderstanding. That someone might want to be addressed formally and calling their first names might offend them.

7. Be positive

People like someone who is positive. If on the first meet, and what you always say is how unhappy you are in your miserable life, people might avoid you. They might not want to add with your problems in life and people don’t like someone who has nothing but complaints. Complaining a lot would create you a negative image. So, be positive always and appreciate all things.

8. Smile

Let everyone receive your warmest smile. A smile can elevate the person’s mood. It is just a sense of welcoming people to be your friend. It is because no one loves a gloomy person. Smile even if you feel like you own all the problems in the world.

9. Groom yourself

People like a person who has a pleasing personality. Whether you like it or not, it is the appearance of the person that can be noticed easily. So if you have good grooming, people would think that you are a responsible person. People are also attracted and appreciate a person who is neat and tidy. It lets you make a good image.

10. Open a general topic

Be choosy on your topic. If you are talking to a professional person, choose an advanced topic such as education, economy, politics, philosophies, and etc. If you are talking to common people, you can open a topic on family, foods, and etc.

11. Don’t be too arrogant and boastful

People don’t like an arrogant and boastful person. If you have remarkable experience or achievements, you can keep it to yourself until you are asked. You would be called as someone seeking an attention if you do that. People would rather like to be asked of their achievements than ask your achievements. Wait for your turn, if you want to impress people, try to ask about their achievements first because they will ask the same question later. That way, it’s like boasting your achievements humbly.

Making people like you instantly is a good skill. If you have this skill, you will not have a problem in dealing with everybody whatever culture they have. It could also make your life happier if you feel welcomed by everybody because of your positive behavior.

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