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Most productive way to spend time on the Internet

Today our life starts with technology and ends with technology, even a child today is fond of surfing internet. Internet holds almost whole world around it, so if you need to find about anything or any person you don’t have to search them manually, you just need a device which supports Internet, and search there whatever you want. Internet contains a lot of contents from pervert to most reliable things which can trusted as a downfall as well as our educational guide. So here comes the point where we have to choose that which way is good for our life and carrier. Spending time on internet is good until we spend it in a right manner. Here are some ways in which you can enhance your knowledge and can entertain you in a productive manner :

1. Searching stuffs on google

Google is the place on internet where you can find any thing, but wasting your time for something of no use is just like talking with a wall. We should stuff something which can either give us any sort of knowledge or can entertain us. There are many interesting things which can be searched on google to get something of ours use, which will help to explore our world so that we could be updated, like you could search about new policies, new satellites, etc, but try don’t searching about unusual things which are of no use for you.

2. Exploring Wikipedia

If someone is thinking of getting brief knowledge about anything, one should go to Wikipedia for in depth information. Wikipedia is the best site which gives you proper and correct informations on any and almost every topic. One can read about life story of many great personalities like abraham lincoln, henry ford, mark zuckerberg,elon musk. On wikipedia the facts and information are cross examined by many persons throughout the globe and can be edited by anyone, and later is verified by the wiki team.

3. Reading and Writing blogs

Nowadays blog is the new cool. Blogs are becoming very popular among people who want to hone knowledge of different fields. Here a load of content is available, from history of world to cooking tips, e.g;-best universities around the world, top car models, 10 most haunted places in india and many more. These blogs are generally written by people who closely relate to the topic, knows very well about the topic written. You can also do the same if you have ability to write interesting stuffs on something

4. Learning New Language

Language really matters a lot in our life, most of us generally move out from our home town to some unknown place for jobs or education or for many different reasons. If someone is in new place then he must be familiar with the native language of that place, and reading books on a particular language can take months to learn that proper language, but internet can make it simple you just have to type it in your language and it will be automatically translated. Also you could learn whole language by searching about that proper language

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5. Motivating yourself by reading motivational quotes

Because of this heavy pressure of jobs or study or family or anything we are getting demotivated and frustrated. Many people also commit suicides because of these frustrations, why to come at that point, better one should motivate them before the condition where we even think of doing such bully thing. Just go and find some motivational quotes which will make you help coming out from from these situations.

6. Sharpen your brain and solve puzzles

Our brain is also like a machine which needs to work properly. And it is a fact that more we use it more it become sharp, but sometime we don’t wanna study then we start getting bored and can’t think that what we should do that can entertain as well as sharpen our blog. We just have to search the right place, go and find some puzzles or crossword on internet and enjoy solving it. It will entertain as well as exercise your brain.

7. Enjoy music according to your mood

Anyone can’t decide that when they have which type of mood. Mood can change even within a second, sometime one have romantic mood sometime they have party mood, even many people gets emotional on very small matter. Music is all about feeling something, when you feel music then it can even change your mood or make you feel your mood. You can try some of the most famous site like itunes, saavn, gaana, etc.

8. Smart shopping

Almost all of us buy some items every day weather it is our cooking material or our bikes and cars. But when we have to buy something we have to go on any shop or any malls or mega mart. But after boom in online trading, its makes our shopping style simple and easy, all we have to do is just open internet and browse online shopping sites like: Flipkart, Amazon , Snapdeal etc.



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