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Valentine Day – Gifts for Her | Valentine Week

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As promised in my last article, I am back with Gift Ideas for Her for this valentine day. But, before that let’s understand the emotions of a girl, let’s take a walk in the shoes of a girl.

Women are complicated beings, they say something, and mean entirely different things. Their lips may lie to you, but their eyes always shout out the truth aloud. You only need keen, observant eyes to understand what a woman wants. They are also very emotional and will be more inclined towards you if you gift her with articles, with emotional backgrounds. They, like men, also tend to grow insecure, if approached all at once with too expensive gifts. The key, here too, is to neither rush nor slow down, just go gradually. Take one step forward and then let her take a step towards you before taking another step towards her. So, be humble, delicate, respect her feelings, be humorous wherever required, and try to maintain a balance between you humour and your seriousness. Here is a little advice on what to gift Her, on this Valentine’s Day/week.


As I had mentioned earlier Women, are emotional beings, and gifting her with some emotional article, would really turn her head towards you. She would feel, you are true and you care about her feelings. So a ring would really be perfect for your girl. Before gifting her a ring, be sure that you have spent quality time together and she TRUSTS you. Yes, this is important, you are a gentleman in her eyes, she likes being with you, and yes she does not consider you her brother. Hell yeah, that would hurt.

T-shirt (self-designed)

You can always buy a T-shirt, and design on it, some quote, or what you feel about her. You can gift it to a  girl, whom you have been meeting for a month or two too. This would remind her of you. Whenever she would see, or wear this T-shirt, she would be reminded of the good times, she spent with you and how happy you keep her. Repeating, the most important point again, women are highly emotional beings, and they would be really pleased to think, how much you care for her.


A necklace would also be a good idea for this valentine day. It would always hang around her neck, and it would be really special for her to think that her guy is always clinging to her, he is so very close to her. You could also use some lines, while gifting, like, “Whenever, you are scared or nervous, just touch the necklace and you will realise I am always with you, probably in your heart 😉 “.

Make sure to add a little humour at the end, this would ease the intensity of the moment, otherwise, she might feel uncomfortable, and feel you are desperate if you are not together, and you are not too close too. A necklace with her name, or, initials of her, or you would be perfect if, you have known each other for a while. A necklace with your pic is also common nowadays, and she would really be happy to get one.

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You can gift this to your girl if you are already together, and she is comfortable enough to take except expensive gifts from you. You could use some naughty lines like, “I have handcuffed you now, you can go nowhere”. Don’t gift this, if she hasn’t ever received a mid-range expensive gift from you, coz she would be shocked, and not willing to accept the gift even though she loves you.

Teddy bear

Girls love cuddling and what better to cuddle than the cuddl3e-buddy, teddy bear. Like the previous gift, this must be gifted if you are together for a while. Even if not together, she has a prior experience of getting mid-range expensive gifts from you.


Make sure you are with your girl for a decent amount of time before deciding to gift this. Girls, like boys, too love sandals and shoes. They also fascinate on keeping with them a wardrobe full of shoes for every occasion and if possible every day of the week.

Photo collage

This would really be a good idea. Fixating pictures of her and you in a photo frame, or in a printed T-shirt, or maybe a cup. All her happy memories in a glance. All her achievements, best pics and most importantly, your pics together would remind her how happy she gets, with you around.


Remember not to make your girl uncomfortable. Stressing on the point again, girls are complicated characters. They think, deeply, they are more mature than their fellow age-mates and they get offended easily. So go slow, be sure about your moves and choose your words wisely. Try to read her eyes when you gift her. Quickly change the topic and show off the humour you got to counter any “uncomfortability” in her behaviour.

Again stating as stated in my last article, “Every human is different”, and you must respect that. Moreover, you know your girl better than I do. So just refer to the ideas I gave you, mash them up and come up with a new idea. Gift it to her. All the best guys. Try your luck, if destiny has it, no one can stop you from being one.




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