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Valentine’s Day- Valentines Day Gifts for Him | Valentines Week

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So, finally, the day most lovers were craving for so eagerly has arrived. Finally, after lots of patience, you can now propose your loved ones in a filmy way. The season, where love showers from the sky, the “Love is in the air” season, has finally come. And most of you must be thinking of gift ideas for your partner, and ways to propose them. Well, some learned man had once said, “Who says you should propose your love on Valentine’s day? You should propose on Fool’s Day, is she accepts, GREAT!!! If not, ‘April Fool’ “. Sorry, this was lame. Well, jokes apart here is few valentines day gifts idea for this Valentine’s week, for both Him and Her. And will upload valentines day gifts ideas for Her in my next article.

‘He’, in my opinion, is not as complicated and/or deep minded as she is, therefore impressing him, with a little surprise would be easy. Remember to go subtle, don’t rush, and gift him quite expensive things, making him insecure and uncomfortable, also embarrassed. This may later affect the initial phase of your relationship. Go slow, subtle, take one step forward and let him take 2 steps towards you. Don’t be either too available or too busy. The key is in how fast and long do you take your steps. There is a reason, Valentine’s week is spread over a week. So moving on to gifts

Valentine’s day gifts:

You could always gift him neither too expensive nor too cheap items, chocolates, roses. Boys don’t like materialistic things as much as you do. So gift them, useful things like:-


Since you have spent time with him, you must have caught the glimpse of his wallet, and the condition it is in. Believe me, for a majority of boys, it is one of the most neglected items. The always think of buying new but end up spending the money on some other thing worthwhile.

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A perfect gift, for someone who is crazy about watches. Remember, for you to gift him a watch you must have had spent a good amount of time together in the past, and you should be sure to face no rejection, else the money you spent on it would go in vain. No worries, you could always gist it to your father or brother if you face rejection;). You can also gift it to your to him if you are already together.


This is the perfect gift on Valentine’s Day to someone you wanna be with, for someone you wanna propose. This is neither too costly nor too cheap, yet classy. Many boys are crazy about pens too.

T-shirt (after designing)

A decent looking T-shirt would also be a good idea, for gifting him. You could even design the basic T-shirt by yourself, using your talent, be it good or bad, it will really be sweet. And he would really value your efforts.

Photo Collage

A photo collage, with a mixture of photos of him with you, and his happy and funny moments together, would work as a memorabilia, and would also be really sweet. It would remind him, about how much you care about him, and make him feel special.


This again is for people, who have been together for a long time. And are really very close to each other. Every other boy loves shoes, and dreams of his cupboard filled with a variety of shoes, for different occasions. So, he would really be pleased if you add to his collection.

I can only provide you with suggestions about valentines day gifts. Afterall, you know your other half, or better say would-be better half, better than me. And you, better know, his emotions, his attachments, his needs, and all stuff. That’s why you better decide, what you must gift him. Well, Good Luck. Cheers, and stay tuned guys for Gifts for Her.



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